Hyper Scape – FPS Battle Royale, by Ubisoft

Here it is. Ubisoft has made their entry into the already crowded Battle Royale market featuring a battle pass and everything in-between. Let’s just jump into this.

For those of you that aren’t aware. Battle Royale as a concept is very simple, bunch of people spawn in on a map, the map gets smaller, good loot is relatively hard to find and you all kill each other to see who’s last man standing. Typically played in teams or solos. It’s not a massively hard concept to implement, it’s been done before and it’s been beaten 40 times over by every other AAA Company / Indie company releasing their take on it. Ubisoft isn’t any different and are coming into this very late, so obviously there needs to be some big innovation to take away from the giants like Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite.


Starting off, gameplay is solid, you run, jump and generally fly about. They’ve integrated Twitch pretty well and it’s clear they’re going after the streamer market with this one. Every game has the chance to have voting where you (as a viewer) can vote on which modifier to implement such as;

  • Infinite Ammo
  • Less Gravity
  • Etc..

Honestly, what I can I say about the gameplay. It’s a first person shooter in 2020, it plays like a first person shooter in 2020. You aim at things, press button and they generally die. It’s not a slow based game and you often find yourself jumping over rooftops or getting killed from above. It is absolute chaos and that seems to be the theme they’re going with. You won’t find any slow and methodical gameplay here like in Players Unknown Battlegrounds, no this is all out explosions and abilities.

Being able to pick up power-ups is pretty cool, healing your team mates and providing yourself armour is two life lines that I would find very annoying if I’m playing against, but amazing if I’m playing as. I actually used this in the recent SwitchedBit video to defend my self against an enemy and then kill them. You can watch that here:


This is a technical test, so the best time to talk about everything technical with the game. The frame rate is massive, like I’m talking Trump levels of bigly. Sitting at around 300FPS on Ultra, it plays fantastically and I never had any hitching or hit reg issues. It performs solid. Finding a game was rather easy aswell, quite quick, although I would like if the intro area was sped up a little bit, felt like waiting about too much. Hiting with the sniper is near impossible. Models are so small and it’s a large map so people are rather far away. If you are good with the sniper, you might do well but I’d prefer it if body shots could be a one hit kill. The pod system that spawns you into the map is really cool, basically everyone spawns from one point and you get to fly where ever you want. Nice change from the usual Bus / Plane idea.

Is there still room?

Honestly, I don’t know. So many games want your time these days. I feel like the only reason Battle Royale games fall off these days isn’t because the game is bad, either community or a decision was made which didn’t sit right with the fans. Take the following:

  • Fortnite: Is seen as the meme game for kids
  • PUBG: Seen as the old dog, no one plays this anymore according to the internet yet it’s still one of the top 10 games.
  • Warzone: The new one on the scene, has everyone gunning for it right now, everyones trying to get famous on Warzone.

Now we’re on Hyper Scape, which not to hate on it. The name isn’t exactly great. I find myself so often saying Hyper Space or Hyper Skype it conflicts so much with what I really want to say.


Honestly, I can’t see this really going anywhere… Hype around the game seems to have died pretty quickly Twitch at the time of writing this as 30k viewers when Warzone has around 47k. To me, a brand new game in tech test with a drops enabled twitch stream should be pulling far more. Personally, I’m tired of the genre and I can’t see enough in this game to differentiate between the other games. As always I recommend watching the video to get my full thoughts on the game as I’ll be speaking on what I’m actually seeing. If I had to pick a BR game to play however, it would be this. I just wished it released sooner because I’m just tired of the genre.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) Campaign Realistic Playthrough

In this post we’ll be playing every mission on Realistic and showing you to complete it. Packed full of Drones, Sniping and stealth, it’s a hard campaign but well worth the reward with how pretty the game overall looks. I’ve never played a Call of Duty which looked this good and sounded this good. Seriously rivals Battlefield.

Mission 1 – Fog of War
Mission 2 – Piccadilly
Mission 3 – Embedded
Mission 4 – Proxy War
Mission 5 – Clean House
Mission 6 – Hunting Party
Mission 7 – The Embassy
Mission 8 – The Highway Of Death
Mission 9 – Hometown
Mission 10 – The Wolf’s Den
Mission 11 – Captive
Mission 12 – Old Comrades
Mission 13 – Going Dark
Mission 14 – Into The furnace

And with that ends our Modern Warfare 2019 series. Hope you’ve enjoyed, happy to take any questions below!

Honestly, I enjoyed the campaign much more than I thought I would. Story was pretty solid, missions were very fun, just wish the AI actually posed a challenge rather than being impossible to combat sometimes.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered PC Campaign Playthrough

At long last the remaster for this iconic 2009 video game has released on PC, which is the platform to really stretch the legs of the new Modern Warfare engine. I decided to play through some missions and show off some of the new details and extra things that have been added in since the 2009 launch.

S.S.D.D – Mission 1
TeamPlayer – Mission 2
Cliffhanger – Mission 3
No Russian – Mission 4
Takedown – Mission 5
Wolverines! – Mission 6
The Hornet’s Nest – Mission 7
Exodus – Mission 8
The Gulag – Mission 9
Of Their Own Accord – Mission 10
Contingency – Mission 11
Second Sun – Mission 12
Whiskey Hotel – Mission 13
Loose Ends – Mission 14
The Enemy of my Enemy – Mission 15
Just Like Old Times – Mission 16
Endgame – Mission 17


Call of Duty World at War Veteran Campaign Missions Playthrough

I’ve created a playlist of my Call of Duty World at War Veteran playthrough. One of the best campaigns in my opinion in Call of Duty history. It doesn’t get much better than some WW2 action and it doesn’t even feature a D-Day. Something which the new Call of Duties totally fail to capture.

See all videos here:

Semper Fi – Mission 1
Little Resistance – Mission 2
Hard Landing – Mission 3
Vendetta – Mission 4
Their Land, Their Blood – Mission 5
Burn Em Out – Mission 6
Relentless – Mission 7
Blood and Iron – Mission 8
Ring of Steel – Mission 9
Black Cats – Mission 10
Mission 11 Blowtorch & Corkscrew

Mission 12 – Soon

Mission 13 – Heart of the Reich
Mission 14 – Downfall

Check this space as more will be coming soon…

Gaming General

Twitch streamers and obsessions with high bit rates

A topic I’d like to discuss today is the Twitch Streamers which may not be partnered yet, throwing everything overboard and streaming at the best quality possible. Something which may not be a good idea. Now, I know everyones getting fancy installs out in the big cities like Gigabit fibre, but you need to remember that your audience… isn’t.

Years ago, I started streaming and I’ve always had a comment pop up in my chat, “Can you lower the bitrate?” Followed by no response, I’ve had this enough for it to be a genuine worry of mine, was that turning people off my stream? Quality is important, but not as important as finding a balance between what looks good, and what is actually watchable by your audience. There’s a reason Twitch limits their bitrate to 6000. Not only is it absurd to expect them to shoulder that much bandwidth burden, people don’t like streaming at insane download speeds. If you think this matters, netflix only streams 720p to Chrome.

For those partnered folks, this won’t matter to you, Twitch gives you a quality selector and it’ll downgrade your quality to whatever suits, as I live in the middle of nowhere on an ADSL Connection and like to tune into Asmongold sometimes, this can result in me watching in 480p. Our speeds out here just aren’t good enough for 1080p 60FPS without mad buffering or the rest of the house getting their experience downgraded.

I get around 16 Down to share between a few people, imagine if you’re streaming at 6000 Kbps. I’ve now got 10 left for people watching high quality netfix or casual browsing, web pages these days can kick a few megabytes, it’s not unusual to see some sites making over 900 requests when you first go on them!

My lesson and message is this. If you want people to tune into your stream, don’t stream at 1080P 60FPS, just because you can and your mates can tune in and watch because you’re all on Virgin Media’s gigabit package, doesn’t mean you should. 720p 30fps is still very useable, think about the people watching on a 1080p screen that have your stream in that tiny window with the chat next to it? It makes sense to allow everyone to experience your stream than just a select few.


Nvidia, GPP and The Gaming Community

It’s no surprise once again that Nvidia, makers of some of the finest technology humanity has come to invent is yet again finding itself in more hot water because they just can’t get enough press apparently. It’s not enough being the top seller of graphics cards, it’s not enough having the highest market share. Oh no, Nvidia has to go after their own partners for not allowing them to have a monopoly on what seems like branding.


Yes, branding that thing that comes on the side of your graphics card. The bit that says ROG, Gaming or SuperMegaCard.exe, the thing these partners¬† (Asus, MSI, EVGA, etc) pour millions into, to set them out from the rest. Nvidia wants to take that brand and “Seize the means of production” on it. Basically, and this is what GPP states, you can’t use that brand with an AMD card for example. So before you’d have the ROG RX 580 with all the flashy lighting. No more! Nvidia said all that effort you put in marketing two cards, now you can put it all into one! The competitor? Nah they don’t matter, they don’t have as much volume as us. It’s absolutely absurd to me that Nvidia is flexing to get brands to pull their marketing for a competitor. Surely that has to ring some alarm bells somewhere in the world?





The community reaction has been nothing but well mediocre to say the least. You’ve got a private company making a massive move against the industry here and the most everyone is bothering about is whether the prices are going to come down so they can keep buying their products. There’s a simple solution to this. Boycott Nvidia and stop supporting these practices.

Is it really a big deal if you can’t play the latest and greatest title on ultra at 87 fps when the AMD Card will do it at like 79? Is it really that big of a deal? I get that you want every bit of performance for your dollar but, sometimes you have to look at the industry and say… yes. I’m taking a stand, enough is enough. Otherwise you’re saying I have no problem with a monopoly, everything costing more and my general ability as a consumer to choose being lost. I’ve always had the comeback to this being, “But what if I want to choose a NVidia GPU, you saying all of this is stopping my choice from going through”. I’m not trying to stop you buying a NVidia GPU. I just want you to be informed enough to be okay with what is being proposed. It’s healthy to have a balance of two products battling against each other. No one loses if AMD leaves the market.

For too long gamers have just accepted whatever a company says to them as final:

Now, here’s the thing, some of the articles I’ve linked might actually contradict my point, in that they show people rising up and fighting back the system. But did they? The games still sold millions, they might have had a 20 odd reddit posts saying NEVER AGAIN, but do we need to reference that famous image for the 498th time on the internet?

At the end of the day I think it really shows the true nature of the gaming community. People just don’t care.

The Realization

People don’t care. That’s all it is. All people want is a video game, with a story, with some multiplayer if possible and a way to burn their cash. Let’s face it we aren’t buying houses any time soon. Basically every Ubisoft game at this point is predictable with the same DLC, the same open world, combat systems, physics, laughable bugs. GTA Is clearly going to be going down the route of an online only adventure after it’s latest success with no doubt some of that transferring to Red Dead. We seen it with Call of Duty MW2. The hype machine that built around that game even though it was an impending doom waiting to secretly bring the studio to what it is today, an absolute mess.¬†Trust me. You could tell it wasn’t the same people that made MW3.

But what does all this have to do with Nvidia’s GPP Program? Well it’s rather simple, it’s the same community. We are the people that accepted;

  • Windows 10 doing all manners of bullshit to our systems, automatically enabling updates, changing preferences and rolling out a bombsite of an interface.
  • Micro-transactions in the form of skins, guns, coins becoming the defacto way to wring more money out of customers, all of us that care about how we look? Jog on mate.
  • The consolification of Battlefield, trust me I’ve got a post dedicated to that game coming.
  • Steam being accepted as the global monopoly on buying PC Games (While I do accept the competitors are a tad troublesome, at least make the effort to shop around! GoG is quite fantastic).

Trust me, I could go on for several more bullet points but forgive me if my faith in this community hasn’t been shattered by the willingness to bend over to companies.

But, they care about us!

Companies, the one thing that gets into the minds of us all is the advertising and targeting that companies do to make you their friend. I’ve done it myself, I’ve seen myself defending absolutely stupid things Microsoft does and wondering why the fuck am I even bothering, I agree with the person I’m arguing with!

I’ve seen people argue with me about actually wanting micro-transactions because they don’t have time to play the game! Well don’t bloody play it then, throwing money at your problems is a downright bad and stupid trait to have! Again, I should know, I’ve been there myself! You might remember the controversy with one Star Wars Battlefront 2, why it got so god damn heated that people that wanted to actually play the game, not join in the community boycott actually broke away from the official subreddit so they could have a place to circlejerk about how fantastic the game was. You had people that seemed… scared to come out and talk badly about the game because at least it looked like they didn’t want to admit it had faults.

It’s absolute bliss ignorance. If you can ignore all the issues, pretend they don’t exist, pretend the company behind the game wasn’t voted one of the worst companies in America, pretend that they never had one of the most down-voted comments in existence on Reddit, pretend that the entire gaming community isn’t going for the throat for everyone playing the game. Then fuck me you should get a job as a brick wall.

And that is where it comes back to our full circle. Back to NVidia’s GPP. You see it isn’t all that different. People are ignoring issues for a few more FPS. When all they really have to do is support the competition for a few generations and watch their products improve just as NVidas has. Money talks at the end of the day, if they don’t have the money then don’t be surprised when you don’t have a choice.


Gamers in general want no drama. They want to sit down, play their games and not have to deal with any issues in that game or surrounding it. The thing is that isn’t possible in today’s world. You have a moral choice to pick, a choice to pick for the industry and about 1,400 bloggers just like me telling you why you should be shot out of a canon for X, Y and Z reason. We wouldn’t have to have these conversions if people simply put stop defending multi-billion dollar companies, and stopped acting like their life will end if they don’t have the latest star wars game or the latest Call of Duty and instead just waited. Wait, see if the games good, gauge community reaction, is the bug list currently standing worth the buy? Are you happy with a ¬£54.99 price tag for games? Are you happy with the publisher? It’s a lot to decide on, and there’s plenty more to decide on after all of this. The real question is, do you want to? Do you care if Nvidia was the only GPU maker, do you care if Ubisoft made the same game every single year? Do you care if Microsoft was the only operating system developer left, what about Rockstar and it’s love for GTA Online? Would you prefer it to go back to the single player roots?

Everyone has a voice. You have a voice. A company shouldn’t decide that and I shouldn’t either. All I can hope is that this somewhat made you think about what you want in the future. I’m not telling you to go out and buy all of AMDs stock. I’m saying, think about it.

Also, to ya’ll saying that voting with your wallet doesn’t work, just stop please.