EGX 2021, Excel and London

I took my first proper trip away this long weekend with my girlfriend, we headed down to London to experience EGX2021 and everything it had to offer, bought superpasses and went in with our eyes wide open. I’ve only ever been to EGX once before, back in 2016 at Earls court, it was pretty magical so I was hoping with the increased space at Excel, it would blow me away. Afraid to say, tl;dr of this is, it didn’t.

What was on?

Well, not much. In terms of unreleased games there was a wealth of indie titles and sorts like that. However the big boys such as Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA… etc, the list goes on never bothered turning up. As a result the only games really they had to show off was Crytek, which was just a remaster of Crysis, and the aforementioned indie titles that don’t exactly capture me.

The Highlights

The top hitters for me, were;

  • Pinball machines
  • Old rare games such as the first mario, sonic, etc
  • Guitar Hero is always a win
  • Competitions looked cool, presenters were excellent
  • Lan center was cool, but limited to 45 minutes, couldn’t really bash out a game of Portal like that.
  • Career section was excellent, full of unis and companies looking to hire and give advice. 10/10 for this.

You might notice a trend with these, they aren’t exactly you’d come back next year for. As a result I doubt I’ll be back, I feel like I experienced it all in the first day, I kept coming back to see if things were different day to day, but it just got busier. If anyone did want to go, I’d say get a Thursday ticket, blast it all and then maybe get a Sunday ticket to tick off anything you haven’t seen.


One thing I noticed, was that there was an absolutely massive Minecraft bit. Which seemed teeming with kids and teens, like it was packed. Thing is they were all playing on what looked like ex-high school machines, I’m talking that it was playing in frames per minute, not per second, it looked pretty awful to play. Also, I have 2 extremely beefy computers at home, why would I come to an event such as this to play Minecraft on a Dell desktop from 2007? The PC Lan center had well equipped machines, was very pleased with that.


My biggest takeaway is how little was really here, there was massive wide open areas and it felt like the EGX team had hoped they’d have more there. Most of the games on display were already out. Felt like it would have been super good if you were a team of 4 or 6 going to play a massive lan game or try out some of the old classics. But for me I feel like I got through most of everything before the afternoon of the first day. And we turned up late.

I’d advise if anyone wanted to go to EGX, try just one day, go super early and get the experience. I really enjoyed the first day, but the days after that felt like I was just there for the sake of being there. Also there wasn’t much in terms of Switch games to play which was quite surprising.

Would I recommend it? Maybe not, I had a lot more fun going around London and sightseeing.

By the way, yes there was a massive fall guys station, but it had such massive queues, again to play a game I could just play in my house, like, yes it was cool but it’s not why I go to these kinds of things. Which is totally fair enough, everyone has their own things they like to do at these events!