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Update your Stream Title / Game automatically

We’re all busy streamers wanting to keep the content flowing for the fans, nothing worse than playing a game just to realise you’ve been in the wrong category or your mods weren’t able to switch the title. I’ve developed a quick and easy solution with

Use our App and send your processes to StreamUpdater. You’ll see them on the other end and when you do, you can build actions off that. So let’s say if the process Fallout3.exe loads up, you can have your twitch title change to be all about a Fallout 3 stream!

Here’s how to do it!

Login using your Twitch account at

Download the App (

Click the Add Activity Button

Fill in the details with what ever you want. Be aware though the game won’t change if you don’t enter something that is actually on twitch.

Once that’s all done, StreamUpdater will scan every minute and change your Twitch Stream/Game as soon as it detects that program running. It’s that easy! So try it out today, I’ve been enjoying testing it over on as has my mate

Lot’s more ideas coming soon for it, let me know what you think!