BT Business 4G Assure Review

So as a follow on from my previous post regarding a networking setup I’m working on here.

I recently purchased a BT Business line for the property I’m staying in, this comes with BT’s 4G Assure kit, which if the line has a fault it’ll switch over to a 4G backup. Now my big issue with this is that 4G is monumentally better than my ADSL Line, so hopefully I can answer some questions that I had issues finding easily online.

Q: My BT line isn’t due to be installed for x Months, can I just plug in the 4G assure and get up and running?

A: Yes. Amazingly BT Advertise this in the packaging, that you can just plug it in, and get going straight away. Fantastic solution. However speeds are horrid. I get 80 Down 30 Up with my iPhone on EE. On my BT 4G Assure I get 5 Down 1 up. Worse than ADSL. I’ll be contacting BT regarding this though

Q: What provider do they use?


Q: Do you still get a static IP?

A: Seems to be, I’ve restarted the device a few times and it’s kept the IP every time.

Q: How does it connect?

A: There’s a dock that plugs into the USB allowing you to extend it out and put it where you want. This is rather heavy and feels really nice. Honestly the BT Business Hub 6 is a fantastic feeling bit of kit, really premium. You can also plug it into your PC Or Laptop. It seems to just work and you get access to the Huawei Interface. BT state this shouldn’t be possible but seems to work absolutely fine for me.

Overall, it’s a decent solution that I’ve yet to fully test in regards to my line going down or anything like that. I’ll be handling that much nicer on my end with 2 ADSL Lines and a 4G Backup all load balanced between each other. So doubt I’ll have much need for this other than the initial setup.