Adobe Premiere CC 14 Audio Channel Issues

So my workflow goes as follows.

  • Logitech Capture records my Webcam and all audio sources, each source has it’s own audio channel
  • DXTory records my gameplay, again with all audio sources being on their own channel.
  • I pull both of these into Premiere, cut and render out to youtube.

Really simple. However I noticed one thing when importing clips into Premiere VIA DXTory. It wouldn’t show up the other Audio Channels. Now I have searched the internet high and low, back from 2015 to now, there doesn’t seem to be any solution to this problem other than using a third party app to extract the audio and then pull that into premiere.

Frankly as a PAID video editing application I find that in-excusable. For the record this works in Sony Vegas absolutely fine and secondly it isn’t like Premiere should be failing here. It manages to import audio channels from my Logitech captures absolutely fine along with my OBS Audio. (Although I need to import it into Premiere, remove it then import it again for the other channels to show)

Frankly I think the community needs answers as to why Adobe doesn’t consider this an issue. I’ve seen posts dating back to 2012 which exhibit the same issue as me, with “Professional Adobe Experts” citing useless advice and refusing to budge on helping. Of course, advice is always welcome if anyone has a solution WITHIN premiere pro for this, would be much appreciated!

For the record the video in question is a .avi file. Here is the media info