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We’re back using a new blog. I got fed up of dealing with Wordpress and any issues that it brought, so I’ve moved over to using a nice Github pages layout. So far so good, it actually after a bit of setting up might be easier.

I can use my code editior and markdown now to create posts, hopefully, this will mean I can bring more posts to everyone!


This blog serves a couple of purposes.

  • Gaming I’ve always been mad into gaming, so if I want to rant about a game or engage with the community, this is the best place to do it!
  • Development I’m a full time PHP developer so if I want to talk about things I’ve learned or stream coding sessions, again this is where I’ll do it
  • Technology I’m always interested in the cutting edge of technology! So I’ll talk about that here also

If you’re interested in any of these 3 topics, it might be worth giving me a follow as I’m sure I’ll speak about something that’ll spark your interest.



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