Hey all, following on from what will be an excellent video series from LinusTechTips, I figured I’d give this a bash on my own seeing as how I basically use Linux everyday anyway. A bit of background on me. I work for a software firm that uses Docker to develop web applications. Everything runs in Linux and I even develop in Linux using WSL2. So I’m no stranger to the operating system. I also run my own business and my own hobbies off Linux. So I’m fairly capable of using the operating system and in many ways prefer it. However there’s always been one thing that’s never worked right, and that is gaming.

I’ve not tried it for a while, so here’s to the 8th chance perhaps?


The most important choice you have to make is what distribution of Linux are you going to run. I’m personally going to be sticking with Manjaro for a few reasons.

  • It’s arch btw
  • The interface, theme and style, I like it a lot
  • I used it before and didn’t have that many issues with it

There’s no real other reason. I’ve used Ubuntu before but I have had a pretty bad experience with that, namely that the install process seems to break whenever I’m least expecting it.

My Setup

For the uninitiated. I’m currently running Unraid, which yes is Linux but it runs all my operating systems within VMs to keep them separate. I love it, allows me to have plex up, segregate it to it’s own little corner on my system where it won’t affect the work I do. Also, pretty magic how I can have Windows 10 running, get bored, spin up a VM of Manjaro and be off to the races in seconds, then switch back if I can’t be bothered anymore. It’s key! But it also introduces some challenges. Already I’ve had to completely change my Unraid VM config from what was working before to another one. Not a big deal, but I’m left wondering why it broke in the first place. Ubuntu worked fine on my other config, Windows 10 currently runs on it too! But oh well, maybe that’ll come up again later to haunt us.

It Lives!

So yes, now I’m typing this from Manjaro on my desktop machine. Really straight forward, here’s a few things I’ve already done.

  • Installed Edge (yes I know, but I like it so leave me alone 🙂 )
    • Had to be done via (yay) some kind of application installer that builds things, pretty cool!
  • Audio just worked out the box, this doesn’t usually happen to me in a Linux world so top points!
  • Had to fix my display, kept lagging with the mouse cursor, had to turn off something called the Compositor

What’s next?

Next I’m going to get gaming up and running. I raid in World of Warcraft every Wednesday and Thursday. It is essential that my logging software and game works flawlessly. We also use Discord to communicate.

I also use my Windows Work PC for all my development and work related tasks, I need to be able to remote into this with the same smoothness that RDP gave me.

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