Diving into Electron Desktop Applications as a Newbie

I’ve decided to hang up my C# cape in favour of trying out Electron to run the new desktop application. It has one job, take the process list of the user, and send it to the API for processing, easy as pie! Surely it can’t be that hard?


Already, I got an error GPU process isn't usable. Goodbye. and GPU process launch failed: error_code=18

Fixing this was a case of adding no-sandbox to my start script ala:

  "scripts": {
    "start": "electron -no-sandbox ."

If I had to guess, this is because I’m running all my development tools via a network share. Funny, the more complex your envrionment seems to get, the more it tends to break. I genuinely wonder if people have dedicated machines for absolutely every aspect of their life, (development machine, gaming machine, youtube editing machine)

By Sean

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