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So Fallout 76 being a game as a service now has one benefit being that it’s constantly getting updated with new features and DLC, namely the ones that were removed in the first place in an effort to branch the game out from the rest of the franchise. Never the less I figured now was the best time to give you my hour or two into the game and let you know what is waiting for you.

Technical Issues

The technical issues surrounding this game are still plenty. It still feels like a patched together Fallout 4 with Multiplayer support. Things lag about as it waits for the servers to respond back, the shop spins and spins till something tells it there’s free items, and then it lags to display the free items logo. There still at least from my viewing isn’t anyway to actually see what items are free, you need to go past all the items worth real money to find them. Of course that is their purpose. On purpose make the functionality bad to trigger physiological effects. Classic.

  • My game failed to change any video settings, I had to go into my directory folder and delete my Fallout 76 config file because for some reason it wouldn’t write to it, nor alert me to this fact.
  • On occasion the game would just minimize then open up at a lowered resolution. Odd because to change resolution you need to restart the game, this bug showing that’s obviously a lie?
  • General UI bugginess, the Pipboy UI would sometimes be too big for the pipboy so you couldn’t actually scroll along using the mouse or see much of anything.
  • Framerate issues in Windowed Borderless mode, have to play in full screen or just seems to not bother to use my RTX 2080TI whatsoever.
  • Mouse Sensitivity issues, I believe there is a config change for this to fix it, however with my earlier issues with that, I’ve decided to stay away and put up with it.
  • Lag picking up items. In any fallout game you can just run along, spam E and pickup everything. There’s an obvious server delay here to verify that item is actually allowed to be picked up. Poor show.

Other than that though, the game was rather fine…

Quality of Life Changes

Number one praise I have is how good this game feels to play, everything has been re-imagined. Quests now feel nice to see on the map, make active and generally change about. I can’t really describe it, but they did a really good job with the tracking system in this now. There’s still a bit of issue fast traveling when a quest marker is over it, rather hard to pick the travel location rather than the quest marker. I think anyone coming into it will totally agree that the little things the dev team has done to improve the overall experience is very noticeable.

Bit of background first. I picked up the game on launch day, I got the Power Armour edition. I am a fallout nut I love the lore and I love all the games. With exception to this one and a bit of Fallout 4… You can see where this is going. ANYWAY, I went in with a fresh mind to try and experience what the developers have aimed for …. again.

Similar to how Fallout 3 starts out when you first exit the cave, your greeted with a thousand notifications in what you’ve missed such as radio stations now appearing and quests suddenly being a bit ahead… I don’t remember the progress of my character being so far ahead of the story, if I had to guess we were skipped ahead to suit the new DLC which is fine by me. I found the boring tape recording finding simulator to be the worst thing about the game. However, many side quests still go by this model, having to sit in a room and listen to the tape rather than just talk to an NPC and go forward with a more fun quest chain is something that hopefully bringing NPCs back fixes.

WHICH! Happy to say it does. With the fun of Mort bringing back Bethesda comedy. I won’t spoil an inch of the story because frankly if I tell you what happens then it ruins all of it. But what you need to know is that if you go into this game expecting an NPC Driven story from Bethesda. You’ll get it in the first 5 minutes. Before actually giving you reason to go off and use the building functionality. At last. I found it more of a chore before. Now I’m being told I need to build X because it matters to the story. Excellent. I find myself wanting to jump in it a lot more than I did before. Already hooked on the story and the secrecy of the plot. It’s no doubt worth a return for anyone wanting to see what Fallout 76 SHOULD have launched like.

By Sean

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