Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered PC Campaign Playthrough

At long last the remaster for this iconic 2009 video game has released on PC, which is the platform to really stretch the legs of the new Modern Warfare engine. I decided to play through some missions and show off some of the new details and extra things that have been added in since the 2009 launch.

S.S.D.D – Mission 1
TeamPlayer – Mission 2
Cliffhanger – Mission 3
No Russian – Mission 4
Takedown – Mission 5
Wolverines! – Mission 6
The Hornet’s Nest – Mission 7
Exodus – Mission 8
The Gulag – Mission 9
Of Their Own Accord – Mission 10
Contingency – Mission 11
Second Sun – Mission 12
Whiskey Hotel – Mission 13
Loose Ends – Mission 14
The Enemy of my Enemy – Mission 15
Just Like Old Times – Mission 16
Endgame – Mission 17

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