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My Experience with Cyberpunk 2077

Initial Thoughts

I actually bought Cyberpunk 2077 on day one, and blasted through it to my dismay when (spoilers) there was an effective “No Return” in the end mission. Meaning when you finish the mission, it’ll just reload your last save. I’ve always found this massively lazy because you don’t keep any of the loot or levels gained during that last mission. It’s all for nothing.

Other than that. I actually had a really enjoyable experience with the game. But I bought it on the Epic Game Store. So I didn’t actually get any of the steam achievements something which I actually like to collect. So I figured while it was on sale, I’d buy it again and do another playthrough, this time with it being patched up and having tons of fixes. I couldn’t wait.

Patches? What Patches?

I cannot explain to you how worse this game experience is. Nearly every quest has had some sort of bug, the Delamain quest with the Taxis is completely bugged whereby Del is now present on the screen constantly in a call, meaning I can’t use my phone. MEANING any quest where you interact with your phone. IE: THE MAIN STORY QUEST, WHERE YOU TALK TO PLACIDE WITH THE VAN, DOESN’T WORK

I can’t progress. I can’t do anything. I checked online and the only feedback I see is “Just load a save from before you did the Del quest where you smashed up the car”

I’ve done perhaps 5-6 hours of side content in between that mission, I’ve progressed the main story since then. It’s actually sunk cost at this point to restart my entire save again.

Not to mention performance just feels worse. I’ve got a Ryzen 9 3900x, and an RTX 2080ti. FPS is genuinely around 30-40 when in gunfights. It’s unacceptable.

What do I do?

At this point I need to wait for CDPR to fix the bug, which has existed apparently since launch and still isn’t fixed. There’s plenty of other people out there with the same issue as me. There isn’t even any mods or hacks I can do to fix it either it seems. If anyone out there knows a fix, let me know! contact@seanodonnell.co.uk

What I tried

Here’s what I tried so you don’t need to waste your time…

  • Fired all sorts of commands into the Cyberpunk engine tweek thing
  • Bought a new car and drove it to all the Del sites
  • Tried to find a quest where it would force a new phone call. (Didn’t find any quests)

One thing to note, for me this bug did go away, when a call was forced that did override Del. But it came back on the Placide mission I presume because it was still always bugged in the background. What do I know I’ve no idea how spaghetti wrecked this codebase is.


At the end of the day, I have to say my second playthrough has been much worse than my first. It feels like things have gotten worse both in terms of bugs and performance. All I can do is wait and see if they fix my issue, hence I have to implore you. Do not waste your time getting into this game, I regret it fully.

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