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Returning to Battlefield

I decided to head back into Battlefield this week just looking for something to play. My experience might surprise you.

Back to 2042

I got Battlefield 2042 with the order of an M.2 SSD. Figured it was a good deal, until I played the game at launch and figured I’d actually want a refund if I had bought this. The Battlefield 2042 hate train has been boarded many a time, I don’t want to get into everything as to why I don’t like it, but here’s a few…

  • Playing the 128 Player maps just feels way to open and empty
    • I spawned at objectives and would have to run across the open sandy environment, whereby I’d then get randomly shot by a sniper, not fun.
  • Can’t really do an Anti-Tank / Anti-Air build. The gadgets are boring and uninsipiring. Somehow in 2042 we have worse gear than we did in Battlefield 4.
    • Armor seems very OP at the minute. You only get as far as I can tell 3 rockets to destroy stuff with, presuming you hit all 3 shots, even then I’ve still seen armor survive

So it’s fair to say, my experience with 2042, was just really boring and not fun. It has that mode where you can play the old battlefield games in the 2042 engine, but no joke it doesn’t feel that great. It’s better to just go back and play Battlefield 4

Back to BF4

So I did. I went back to play Battlefield 4 this week. It’s been a fantastic time. I’ve been running Anti-Air just taking down helicopters and jets. One thing though that I would say is that any experienced pilot will absolutely do one over on me. You can just fly up into the air, regain your flares/ECM and do another strafing run.

It got so bad that I was 1v1ing this guy in a Jet with 6 stingers and he’d flush me of them all. Of course if my team was helping me taking down jets instead of having 1 guy on a 32 player team go after the armor, it might have went a bit better.

Either way, even though I was getting, bugger all score and dying it was so fun, the explosions of the jets raining down bombs on our team, me frantically trying to get a stinger off, then saying FUCK IT and going full RPG mode. What a game. I absolutely miss it.

It as at this point, where I figured… what about the other Battlefield games, am I missing out on some of the older ones, I never played BF1 or BF5 due to not enjoying the non-modern play style, that and I just don’t think the game is that great in that setting.

Back to BF1/BF5

I’ll keep this very short. Battlefield 5 is unplayable due to the very unsupported nature of player run servers, so you get cheaters in every lobby with 0 admins there to help. Avoid at all costs.

Battlefield 1 was a bit better, but the constant snipers just irrated me, so, ironically I went back to Battlefield 4. At least then I can throw an RPG at them and hope they die.


If you’re looking for a shooter, with big armor action and plenty of community support, get yourself into Battlefield 4, it’s cheap these days and I’ve been having a hell of a time. I think if Dice spent the past years pushing BF4 further, they’d have an excellent live service game on their hands rather than giving up and creating a new game every year.

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